Hunters Range is a Winter Wonderland, right?

If you live in the Okanagan and you or someone you know owns a Snowmobile or SnowBike, you have likely heard of Hunters Range, located just outside of Enderby. From early December through to the end of spring, people flock to this destination for some fantastic riding and mid-winter sunshine.

So, what are we doing up there in July?

The major drawbacks to the whole Okanagan Dirt Bike, Side by Side and Quad games in the summer are the heat and the dust. We know it’s coming when we hit the trails early Spring. We do our best to take advantage of what the Valley has to offer until the time comes when the thought of strapping on a helmet in 30+ degree temperatures, and filling our sinuses with dust back burners dreams of riding until Fall.

Getting into the high country mid-summer opens up options for riders. Significantly cooler temperatures, usually by 10 degrees or more, and a later transition from snow to dirt makes for a less dusty outing.

Cool breezes, amazing views, and new terrain make for a great day with friends.

Riding here, there and anywhere comes with some responsibilities.

While riding the valley bottom in and around Vernon, it’s easy to stay on trail, minimizing any impact we may have above and beyond the well-established trail system already in place. The forests are thick, trails well marked, and the thought of riding aimlessly with a “point and shoot” approach simply doesn’t present itself, most of the time.

Wandering into the high country reduces the need to stay on a previously worn in track, as we are presented with acres of mountain meadows and wetlands. These areas are beautiful. These areas should remain beautiful. Stay on the premade track and save the meadows for others that will come behind you.

You are in the backcountry. Pack accordingly.

  • Water & Food
  • Tool Kit
  • Extra Fuel
  • Layers of Clothes
  • First Aid
  • Fire Starter & Saw
  • GPSInReach / Spot
  • Cell Phone

Prepare for the worst, and hope you never need what you’ve packed.

Don’t have a toy to get you into the backcountry?

Not to worry! The roads are quite decent and easily passable in a truck, SUV  or any vehicle with good tires. You will be able to get close enough to the good stuff by car, to enable you to enjoy the meadows on foot if you wish!

Get out, enjoy the high country, be respectful of what it has to offer and be sure to share it with your friends!

~ Andrew Thompson, Vernon Dirt Chimp & Contributing Author