Owen McKill is a local boy that loves pretty much anything on 2 wheels or anything that used to have 2 wheels and now has a track and a ski! From Hare Scrambles, to Flat Track and Mountain Biking in the summer to anything Snowbike in the winter, he has embraced the moto life and is proving that hard work on and off the bike is paying dividends.

When I met with Owen, he had just shown up at Riders Edge after a session at the gym, after a day of school. Pretty well rounded young man, I would say! Time to pick his brain a bit about his season, and some time spent with Chris Birch, Enduro Guru from New Zealand.

Q: How has your season been so far?

A: With 13 races down, and 1 to go, I’ve had a great season of racing. I enjoy travelling to the races, meeting new people and getting some wins under my belt.

Q: Any highlights this season that pop into mind?

A: The highlight would have to be the Hare & Hound in Bellingham. I won my Class, and placed 2nd overall in the Amature Class.

Q: Chris Birch was just in town giving a series of clinics. You had a the chance to meet up for a day. Any thoughts to share?

A: It was pretty cool to get out and go for a ride with this guy. He’s a great guy that just wants to ride, which is fine by me!

Q: So, with all of this racing going on, it must have been nice to get out for a fun ride with Chris Birch. Take the focus off of training, and just go for a rip?

A: You bet. It was just that. A fun ride. I got to show Chris some of our finer trails, and worked hard in some areas such as Hot Sauce on Me Chips to shake him. While he did make comment that I held some solid speed on the trail, he was also able to stick with me throughout. Pretty cool to see a guy flying blind on a trail never ridden with such confidence.

Q: Did Chris show up with a tricked out Factory Ride?

A: The only thing he does to his bikes is add some graphics. Chris commented that people always assume that his bike is tricked out, when it’s not. He just gets on it and rides!

Q: So, what’s on the plate next, now that the dirt season is wrapping up?

A: Snowbikes:)

We certainly are looking forward to meeting up with Owen in the backcountry for some Snowbike Shenanigans! We’ll try to circle back mid winter to see what he’s up to, and to find out how his winter season is going. Thanks for sitting down with us, Owen.

Owen McKill racing on a dirtbike track
Owen McKill catching air at a mountain park