Do you like getting flats? I know I don’t!

I’m not exactly what you would call a Smooth Operator. I’m pretty easily excited, and sometimes have a hard time containing myself, and keeping my cool.

While I am getting better with age, my Bull in a China Shop approach does still rear its ugly head from time to time, and it sometimes gets me into trouble. Usually a nice crash, or a flat tire is the end result of a poorly chosen line with hopes of muscling my way through the section.

Pondering the Switch?

Mousses aren’t cheap. But they do, when installed properly, last a long time. A tube will run you $20-$40, while a Mousse will see you dropping $150-$200. Worth it? Depends on how many flats you average, and how much you enjoy playing with your tire irons.

The Mousse is Loose

My last flat was a front tire, 20 km from the truck. This made for an exciting ride out. Ian at Riders Edge recommended that I may be a candidate for a set of Bib-Mousses. These would replace the tubes, offer a comparable ride, and eliminate flats. Eliminate flats, you say? I’m listening…

The main upside to this idea is, that’s right, no flats. There is definitely a downside. You can’t adjust your tire pressure. You get what you get once the Bib-Mousse is installed, so you’d better be happy with it!

Buy the Mousse, Throw it In, and Giver?

Not quite. It’s important to first and foremost choose the proper size for your tire. Improper sizing is a common and costly mistake. Next, ensure you’ve properly lubed up the inside of your tire before installing the Mousse. If you don’t the friction between tire and Mousse over time will end in a premature replacement of the Mousse, and cash out the window. If you plan to do this on your own, YouTube the install. There are lots of videos to pick from!

Wrap up

Gone are the days of running tubes as the only way to keep your tire away from your rim. There are options to explore. If you’re finding that flats are ending otherwise fantastic rides, do some digging. I know I’m happy with the switch, and won’t be going back!